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Some leaders worry about whether the people they’re working with like them or not. This isn’t always a good thing for leaders to focus on, though. Your likability factor shouldn’t be the focus of your leadership style but there can be advantages and disadvantages to being a very likable leader. Read on to examine this topic further.

Likability and Leadership Effectiveness

There might be some instances where a likable leader will be less effective than one who isn’t as likable. For example, someone who is likable might come across as less intimidating or as another leader. This could lead to some employees not taking the likable leader as seriously as they should. Typically, this isn’t going to be a problem as long as a leader understands how to manage employees.

Likability can be beneficial when it comes to certain leadership styles too. A likable leader will have an easier time building a rapport with employees. This can make training employees easier as they will have a better time interacting with you and can learn more without feeling nervous. Employees who like you might also work harder and become more loyal over time if you’re able to showcase that you’re an effective leader on top of being likable.

Being Likable Shouldn’t Be the Focus

Being likable shouldn’t be the focus of your leadership style in any way. It’s good to have an approachable personality so that you can communicate with employees or team members effectively. Your personality might make you more or less likable but it’s possible to be an effective leader either way. You just need to focus on doing good work and leading your team by successfully coordinating their actions.

Be a mindful leader and always try to figure out how to improve things. Your employees or team members need you to provide guidance. If you can learn to recognize the needs of employees, then you’ll have that much more success as a leader. Likability can be helpful but you should worry more about being the most effective leader that you can be.